Corporate History

Year 1994 began the journey down the road of humble beginnings for Darrell S. Turner Distribution Incorporated. Operations originated in a two story home prior to year 1996 relocation to a Rock Island, Illinois office. This process supported the corporate theory of “growing out of as opposed to growing into”. With this in mind; an additional move in 1998 to a larger facility with multiple offices, warehousing and a show-room was warranted as continued growth demanded. The family owned distribution center’s success evolves around satisfying client’s needs. Since its establishment; DST Distribution’s mission has been that of providing innovative resource solutions for MRO Products and Facility Services. Product selection consisted of: janitorial / packaging materials and equipment. Office papers and supplies were complimented by a diverse selection of restaurant / break room products. As time progressed, the needs of clients began to broaden and more service requests were asked of DST; predominately in the areas of janitorial and specialized courier. This began the start of the service sector: DST Cleaning Services. Contract cleaning, steam carpet cleaning, snow removal and medical specimen courier services comprised this sector.

Consistent growth and opportunity has enabled the corporation to relocate during year 2005; into a larger facility purchased in Davenport, Iowa. Multiple real estate acquisitions resulted in the birth of DST Property Management; a full service Real Estate Maintenance and Management Solution.

The purchase of the Moline, Illinois corporate headquarters allowed DST to operate in two states while expanding its boundaries in the service space. During year 2008, Darrell S. Turner Distribution Incorporated evolved into a Full Service Facility Solution Resource satisfying its client’s needs. Since 2001 many businesses have faced situations that required resolutions unlike those of the past. DST prides itself on dealing with situations before they become a problem. Flexibility has played a major role as we offer Customized Manpower Solutions. Being so; an extensive list of organized solutions are offered under the corporate umbrella: DST Companies. Resulting from the disasters both local and abroad; DST Cleaning Services transformed by re-engineering its services focusing on those of emergency content. DST Cleaning & Disaster Services erected in effort to specifically focus on the needs thereof. As public safety concerns heightened and natural disasters occurred more frequently, the need for a Security Management Solution became an everyday reality. Thus, DST Security Services expanded into a full service Security Management Firm

The service divisions have began to champion DST Companies by continually enhancing the value proposition clients deserve and expect. Investment opportunities within the real estate division allow clients to participate in this emerging market! As infrastructure rebuilding efforts are underway, the construction services within DST Property Management are in action. Knowing natural disasters occur without warning; DST Cleaning and Disaster Services team is ready for immediate action. DST Distribution’s focus is that of green cleaning, thus an environmentally friendly peroxide based cleaning solution is offered to address majority of today’s cleaning needs.


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